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Dr. Donald J. Salls, Jr. - Live & Love to be 100


Don is a WWII Veteran, and was awarded a Purple Heart. He is in the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, the Calhoun County AL and Westchester County NY Hall of Fames. Don was Head Football Coach at Jacksonville State University for 18 years. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Education and Nutrition from New York University (NYU). In the 60's and 70's he toured the country teaching Isometric exercises and was famous for this in that time. 

“Did you know? Cellular health is the key to long life. And you control your cellular Health through the daily living choices you make. Choose well, and you two can live and love to be 100. Health and nutrition expert Dr. Donald Salls says: the magic fiber in Fruit flushes carcinogens from your body. To improve the fiber level of bread, toasted. Root vegetables, especially celery and beets, increase your body's reserve of stay young nucleic acids. Walking might be the best way to prevent senility. Vitamin E can help prevent premature aging, which gets its start at the cellular level. According to the American Medical Association, 40% of all fatal heart attacks may be caused by coronary spasms related to magnesium deficiency. For magnesium, drink pineapple juice or eat brown rice. You'll find all of this + 154 more handy daily living tips for a longer, more vital life, here in one pocket volume.”

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