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Wynona Rogers - Riches to Rags (F.F. Signing)


Wynona Rogers is a name that most people that know it would associate with integrity and insurance. Thirty-one years in the insurance business and a number of awards couldn't prepare her for the events that unfolded in 2007. Now she uses her unique storytelling skills in Riches to Rags: One Woman's Story of Betrayal and Redemption, the true-life story of her experience with a certain Baptist missionary and bookkeeper. Wynona grew up in the Baptist church where she was fortified with God's teachings, especially the Ten Commandments. Those teachings would be tested when a rogue missionary devastated her life. Wynona takes you through the harrowing events she experienced firsthand. The story has mystery, a bit of humor, but mostly inspiration. She puts you there with her as she recounts the events that spanned the globe from Istanbul, Turkey, to the smallest island in Hawaii. Wynona Rogers shares her story so that the horrible things that happened to her may never happen to you. Truly a riches-to-rags story you won't soon forget.