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Janet Wiggins - Miss Millicent Monarch

This is the wonderful story of Millicent, as she hatches from an egg her mother had laid into a tiny caterpillar. She eats and eats and grows and grows and eventually transforms into a beautiful monarch butterfly. It tells the story of her friendship with a lovely lop-eared rabbit and her journey deep into the forest of Mexico. It is a book designed for children ages 7-9, as a read-aloud, for those who are just learning about the miracles of nature. Beautifully illustrated.

About the Author

Janet Wiggins taught primary grades for many years. She introduced her students to the beauty of the butterfly by having them raise their own young caterpillars through their life cycle until their release. She realized her students were mesmerized by this mystery of nature and was inspired to put facts into fantasy by writing about Miss Millicent Monarch.