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Kate DiCamillo

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Kate DiCamillo, Author

Kate DiCamillo, Author

1. If money were no object, how would you spend your time?
Reading!  (And writing.  And playing Scrabble.  And walking a dog.  And being with friends).  

2. What book impacted your life the most and how?
How about two books?
The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler--because it made me want to write.
The Watsons Go to Birmingham, 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis--because it made me want to write books for kids.

3. Tell us something about you that would surprise most of the people who think they know you.
I had to think about this one for a long time.  And here's the truth of the matter--those people who know me well really *know* me.  They know all of my good qualities and all of my bad qualities and nothing about me would surprise them and that is why they are my friends.