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Joel Terry May - The Broken Earth: America's Journey Home


About the Book:

After the Civil War that destroyed the fabric of America, soldiers, slaves, and the rest of the country must find their way again. Where do the slaves go when they’re placed on the road to freedom, and how do they survive without the means necessary? What does the vanquished soldier find when he struggles to return to a homeland destroyed and defeated? How does the citizenry right the ship of state? These are questions people face in the aftermath on their journey home.

Captain Matthew O’Brien, a Union officer and assistant to President Lincoln, recruits two Confederates, John and Thomas, at Appomattox to form the nexus of the Secret Service. They receive their appointments from the President the morning of his visit to Ford’s Theatre. They’re to begin a journey to New Orleans, their first mission. Evangeline, a former slave, joins their entourage in Virginia to find her mother in New Orleans.

Filled with drama and mystery, The Broken Earth, a historical fiction novel, shares the stories of a cast of colorful characters as they adjust to a new life and a country torn apart by war.

About the Author:

Joel Terry May writes and paints as he seeks the voice of God in all things. His writing exemplifies his relationship with God and his willingness to obey. He is also the author of Harvest of the Soul.