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Ansley Prescott - "Fairhope Ophelia"


Ophelia Griffin – Brilliant and Beautiful FBI Agent – finds herself back in Fairhope, Alabama for work. Forced to deal with the hurt and loss her hometown represents, she reunites with high school nemesis, flirty and beyond handsome, Seth Corrigan. Still the ladies man she knew him to be, Ophelia’s first thought is to stay away from Seth but the fire her body feels from his touch brings back the schoolgirl crush that she thought had extinguished long ago.

Seth Corrigan – College Professor and Bartender extraordinaire – has returned to Fairhope, Alabama. Purchasing the family bar and teaching at the local college, Seth has found his home and true calling. Only problem, he wasn’t planning on spitfire Ophelia Griffin to walk back in the bar and turn his world upside down. Torn between immediately claiming Ophelia as his or taking things slow building a friendship, Seth becomes frustrated when Ophelia won’t play along with his “friends only” game.

Their undeniable connection pulls their bodies and hearts together in a whirlwind romance. But will love prevail when Ophelia is faced with a career decision that takes her away from Seth and Fairhope?