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Kym Klass - One More Day


“One More Day: A powerful true story of suicide, loss, and a woman’s newfound faith”

About the Book:

Imagine feeling you are the only one who has ever felt this way. Imagine feeling that lost. Imagine sitting in church just two weeks after your sister commits suicide, and falling into a heap of tears because as you watch others sing praises to God, you simply can’t understand how they believe the words they sing. This is one of many troubling hurdles that author Kym Klass has tried to clear in the past three years since her sister Katie died from suicide. It has forced her to question her faith and fight through her own battles with depression and thoughts of suicide. That's how hard it is to go through a suicide by someone you're so close to. And in vivid detail, Kym Klass explains all those feelings and emotions in "One More Day.'' It's a must read for anyone who has ever dealt with depression and suicide. As strongly as Kym had pushed God out of her life, she continued attending church only because she knew if she stopped, returning would take forever. And as forcefully as Kym pushed God away, she still questioned how people lived life without Him. That was the only way Kym knew she still had hope of inviting Him back into her life. She had seen pain before, seen the hurt. Kym felt it when she lost her brother in a hiking accident, when she lost her mother to breast cancer, when she was raped at knifepoint and her life was threatened while out on a morning run. This was different, though. This was first imagining how much pain Kym's sister must have been in to take her own life, and that’s enough to cut you to your core. Enough to make you question time and again what you could have done differently. Enough to make you cry out and whimper into your pillow late into the night. Enough to make you fall to your knees in your bedroom closet in anguish. Because you feel that deeply. Because you are that devastated. Because you are that lost. And you have chosen to push yourself away from the one thing that can help restore all belief. This story "One More Day'' is about returning to that. To God. It is about loss, life, love. Hope.It is about living one more day.

Author biography:

Kym Klass is a former award-winning journalist who has covered a 10-year-old’s heart transplant, murder trials, and who has driven up and down streets talking to prostitutes and the homeless. For two decades, her passion rested in the printed word, and she has reported from Texas, England, Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, and Alabama.

Kym is a graduate of Southwest Texas State University with a degree in Mass Communication, Print Journalism and a minor in Psychology.

She serves on the National Alliance on Mental Illness–Alabama board of directors, and is the Media of the Year 2017 winner for NAMI-Alabama for her work covering mental health in the Yellowhammer State.

Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Kym was an Army brat  who attended two elementary schools, two middle schools and five high schools, graduating from Novato (Calif.)  High School in 1989.

She has lived in Alabama with her now-teenage  daughter since 2007. They share their home with their rescued American Pitbull Terrier, Sadie. She is married to Ronnie Ramos, and they split their time between Indianapolis and central Alabama.

This is Kym’s first book.