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Rupert Wates


Rupert Wates

WED, JUNE 5TH at 6:00pm

Since coming to the US he’s won more than 40 songwriting and performing awards. In 2018 he performed as a finalist at the Kerrville New Folk Song Contest, and an Emerging Artist at Falconridge Folk Festival. 

“Terrific hooks, deep lyrics, awesome voice and nearly astonishing fingerpicking chops – the real deal” (Monterey County Weekly CA) 

“I'd put Rupert near the top of the list of singer-songwriters I've heard in my 50+ years in music. He's a truly fine lyricist, singer and player who has an enormously positive relationship with his audience. As the former manager of the late Harry Chapin, I've heard my share of story songs. Rupert's are right up there with the best" (Bob Hinkle, White Horse Black Mountain, NC)

"Lyrically, these songs combine the economy of a Woody Guthrie ballad with the intricacies of contemporary singer-songwriter Richard Thompson" (Jim Abbott, Orlando Sentinel, May 21, 2013)