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Eli & Bill Perras - Raising Adam in the Face of Adversity (Book & Music)


Bill & Eli Perras are a Florida based duo, who tied the knot over 29 years ago. Performing as singing-songwriting-storytellers, they have put a dent in the Florida folk music scene as an act to take note of.
The many inspired lyrics given to and interpreted by Eli, combined with Bill's bluesy finger-style guitar playing create a very uniquely modern take on true Americana music in its purest form. Receiving much recognition for their tightly woven musical creativity, they humbly remain true to their personal values. They speak out with strong heartfelt lyrics, accompanied with a soulful genuine pentatonic voicing, against social injustices, corporate greed, and daily follies in everyday life. They can grip your heart, search your soul, change a mindset, or softly strike a funny bone, all the while leaving the audience with a sentiment for the common good we desire in all mankind.
Bill & Eli have opened or shared the stage with many nationally recognized entertainers and are regulars at many Florida folk music venues and festivals while frequently traveling beyond the Sunshine State with their songs and stories.

As an accomplished performing singer/songwriter in Florida for the past 20+ years, an interesting change of events has come about in Eli's life over the years. Her trademark song titled "Mama’s Bank Account", that she wrote in 1998 was the inspiration for a book that she recently wrote, titled “Raising Adam – In the Face of Adversity”. The story line is about the trials and tribulations that she faced while raising her premature, multi-handicapped son, Adam, who was unexpectedly born at home. Due to his prematurity, and extreme health issues, it required Eli to raise Adam at home under intensive 24/7 care until he was nearly 15 years old, at which time Eli began to have some serious medical issues of her own. As her options ran out for the care that Adam needed, her only choice was to have him moved to a group home where he could get the needed care in order to survive in this world the best that he could.
This real life song & story has touched many of our audience members in a very deep way, so it was with no surprise that after several years many people prompted Eli to write a book on this particular subject, especially to explain how she dealt with the red tape that the medical and educational institutions can present. So, after digging deep into her soul, Eli completed this project in July of 2017, and now in the process of sharing this story with as many people as she can, especially the parents of disabled children, and those who know of parents who could use help raising handicapped children.

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