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The Leavin' Brothers


First Friday, March 1st


The Leavin’ Brothers

Evans & Charles Davis moved to Nashville back in the mid 90’s to pursue their writing career. It wasn’t long before they were the front men for a well known rockin’ country band known all over the Southeast as ‘The Leavin’ Brothers’. A six piece harmony band that invaded Music City with what the industry leaders landmarked as the start of Nashville’s Rockin’ Country that everyone had felt was long overdue. 

With a production deal under Javelina Studios and HoriPro Entertainment they finally had a chance to put some of that long-awaited southern-funk on vinyl. After five years touring in the South, Evans and Charles slipped off the boots for more comfortable beachware in Point Clear, Alabama where they enjoy a slightly quieter life on the Mobile Bay.

With several Indy cuts under their belt, they continue to grow in the spirit of southern punctuality ringing throughout their blistful lyrics. With songs like ‘Here Comes The Farm’, ‘Caroline’, Amnesia’ and ‘Love Budget’, they continue to ship songs to Nashville like cotton bails up the Mississippi. Look forward, look back and look out for The Leavins’ to captivate you with sibling harmonies entrenched in ‘Good Clean Fun’.