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First Friday Author Round Up - Jenny Smith

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Jenny Smith

The boy was born in 1938, under the majestic Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, to a strong mother and an absent father. The boy was known by his nick-name, Tokkie.  This memoir makes one laugh at Tokkie’s antics and the trouble they get him into.  At other times, one cries with the boy who is often cold and hungry, and has to grow up too quickly in post war South Africa.  To add insult to injury, his step-father buys a baboon that Tokkie has to feed, even though the baboon often bites him and never allows him to win the tree-scaling races.                                                                                                                      

When Tokkie is grown, he has an encounter with God that changes his life and his name as he becomes Pastor Theodor Jerry Hewett.  Miracles take place and his heartfelt cry of ‘God can do it again’, resonates throughout this narrative.  The story includes the funny, yet sometimes heartbreaking journey of the ministry in South Africa, all the while capturing the heartbeat of Africa.