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First Friday Author Round Up - Adrienne Cooley & Phillip Otts

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Join us for a First Friday double feature book signing with authors Adrienne Cooley and Phillip Otts!

Happy Anyway (signed)

by Adrienne Cooley

Happy ANYWAY is like that favorite pair of shoes you can wear with anything. It is a 6 week devotional, an "all about me" workbook of sorts, a small group curriculum, a fun book to read, and a cute little happy for a friend. This study is sure to help you find your happy, understand the true source of it, and form habits to spread the happy.

My hope is that you will use the tools provided in these fun, color-filled pages to help you discover joy and enjoy it. You will be encouraged by the stories of those who have found their joy by using the HAPPY process each day to study scriptures. Before long, you will find yourself worrying less and being happy more, having a happy perspective rather than a gloomy one. You will see more clearly just how your emotional, physical, and spiritual life affects joy, depression, love, happiness, health, relationships, mental health, discipline, habits, peace, anxiety, and hope.  The truths between these covers have revolutionized my life and I just know they will yours, too, if you let them. So why don’t you grab a friend and a cup of coffee or tea and join me in learning how to become happy ANYWAY?

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A Storm Before the War by Phillip Otts (Signed Copy)

A brother’s job is never done! John Harvey and Martin McCrary share a father and little else. Harvey, a freed slave, has lived life as his white brother’s keeper. When they survive a shipwreck only to learn of a foreign plot to exploit of the divide between the northern and southern states, they must learn to trust each other as true brothers to help preserve the Union. This 19th century espionage thriller takes our heroes from the port of Havana to the halls of power on two continents, the first of many exciting adventures to come.

Phillip O. Otts retired from the CIA in 2006 to pursue a life-long interest in writing. A native of Alabama, he developed a deep appreciation for those remarkable individuals with the courage and integrity of the handful of Southerners who recognized the evils of slavery and took tangible steps to end it. This insight was the driving force behind the Storm Before the War, the first in a series of novels set in the Civil War era. He is also the author of a contemporary espionage novel, The Sword of the Prophet.

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March 29
Jody Searcy