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Annie Hallinan "The Sweetest Christmas Eve" Storytime

"The Sweetest Christmas Eve" is read-along picture book by Scottish-American author Annie Hallinan that relates the gentle tale of the Mouse family and their lovely new home, Mouse Manor. Mama and Papa Mouse are getting their home ready for their first Christmas Eve whilst the kids, Willie and Baby Zoie, race through the house hugely excited about the upcoming holiday. None of the wee mice could predict the adventure that will unfold when humans discover where they are living.

The plot unfolds in a muted tone, graceful and gentle, without stress or worries that might alarm younger readers. One can easily imagine a youngster in your lap, after a busy day, reading this story together and enjoying the nearly-endless detail in the colorful illustrations. It's an excellent choice for adults who read with children because it is a uniquely charming story with family-oriented tone. In general, the story is aimed at younger readers not quite ready for chapter books; generally the 4-7 year range. The book includes the web-based "Read It Again Kids" feature that enables younger readers to enjoy the story with pre-recorded readers.