Page & Palette

There's a story here.

There’s a story here.

To say we’ve been open since 1968 isn’t enough. We have to give that time, dimension. Otherwise, we just come off sounding, well, old. We are seasoned and proud of it but our thinking has to be new. Hell, we’ve been through more hurricanes than Pat O’Brien’s on a Saturday, and we’re still here. Still standing.

Our strength comes from a center that the big box boys just don’t have. What is it? We have a story…

A story with a whole cast of characters. Millions are in the books we sell, but look more closely. You’ll find them in our aisles, behind the register and camped out in the café. You see, there’s no need to create some mystique when you’ve been around this long. It’s here.

Page and Palette. There’s a story here.


August Author of the Month: C. W. Gontner

If you have missed out on C. W. Gontner's books in the past don't miss out on his new book "The Romanov Empress". He writes exceptional historical fiction that take you all the way from the dark underworld of London 1553 to the 1920s and a young Coco Chanel.

Join us as we read his new novel and visit with old friends as we explore his previous works.  


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