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Mando Saenz (from Nashville) - Live Music

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Monday Aug. 5th

Mando Saenz from Nashville (filling in for August Artist in Residence, Ryan Balthrop)


If you read the liner notes on Nashville’s biggest albums, you’ll come across a name that is impossible to mistake: Mando Saenz. He’s become one of the most notable songwriters in country music and is establishing a sound uniquely his own. Hailing from Texas, Saenz is able to balance outlaw influences with melodic harmonies that are destined to be stuck in your head. There’s no question as to why he has over 50 cuts from some of today’s biggest artists (like Lee Ann Womack and Miranda Lambert). If there’s one thing that is definite about Mando Saenz, it’s his ability to be completely versatile, yet uniquely Mando.

“Mando Saenz has a bevy of musicians around him, but perhaps the reason for that is how inviting and strong a good portion of the material that he brings to this record is. Roots-saturated and with ample heaps of Americana sprinkled throughout…” - ALL 


“The record sounds mild until you listen closely. “Pocket of Red,” written with Kim Richey rocks like glam Americana, and “In the Back of Your Mind” features a spiffy guitar-break that suggest Tom Petty imitating Roger McGuinn. It’s a sharp record…” - AMERICAN SONGWRITER