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Rick Speight - The Boys From Hicks Drive

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This is an inspiring, often soul searching collection of true stories, featuring the adventures and mishaps of six lifetime friends; The Boys From Hicks Drive. Follow along as they find clever ways to entertain themselves, frequently with disastrous results, in those nostalgic times before video games, cable television, mobile phones, and the internet. And what better place for childhood adventure than Vienna, the town on nearly every Top Ten list of Best Places to Live, and located near the power center of the universe: Washington DC? The Boys began their odyssey on the day they met, and it has continued for nearly sixty years. Their friendships have grown stronger through the years, as they continue to accept the faults and frailties of each other—just like they did when they were kids. Vintage photographs, as well as song lyrics from the Golden Age of Rock and Roll, are used to capture, illustrate, and enhance the exciting tales everyone will wish they had experienced in their youth…but, perhaps, are relieved they didn’t.