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Bill Hegg and Bill Andre Book Signings

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William Hogg’s book ‘Rabbit – a Southern Summer.’

The book is fiction with a hint of non-fiction, based on Bill’s growing up in the 1960’s and spending summers with his grandparent in Georgia. With no other children his age, he befriends an elderly black man living on the property named Virge, a wise beyond even his years man who becomes an integral part of Boll’s life on his grandparent’s farm.

From learning how to hunt, to his first crush, Bill shares with us the stories that shaped his life in a humorous and touching way.


Enjoyable story of growing up in different times. Brings to mind memories of my own childhood…-C.W.

In this semi-autobiographical novel, author Bill Hogg takes us back to his summer on the Hardy Farm where he learns the importance of family. If you do nothing else, allow the author to transport you back in time to educate and entertain you.-N.K. W.

Author Bill Hogg intertwined memories from his childhood with historical situations, teaching moments and laughter. Can’t wait for my daughter to read as well as my oldest grandchildren.-C.P.

A delightful read. Made me smile, cry, laugh and think. Fell in love with the characters.-J.C.

This was such a joy to read. The author has a gift for telling stories and his main character is an old black man full of wisdom.-D.W.


Bill Andre’s book “A Greater Vengence”

Author Bill Andres releases through Intellect Publishing, LLC, A Greater Vengeance. his first in a three-part series of books set in the civil war era. The book is a fast-paced story of intrigue, adventure, and romance:

While the curtain of sorrow and treachery fall on a country soon to be divided against itself, a wealthy Georgia planter foresees the collapse of the southern way of life and takes steps to preserve his plantation at the cost of even his life. His wife will do absolutely anything, striking out at all those who threaten her and their lifestyle. A young couple in the border state to the confederacy of Maryland find themselves caught in the middle of diverging traditions and cultures, while a family of negroes has run away from their masters on an Alabama plantation, escaping the treachery of slavery.

While so many struggle to find a place in their disappearing society, there are also those who take advantage of opportunities to profit in gun and slave trade, often destroying the lives of those in their way.

A courageous federal agent attempts to pierce the wall of corruption while representing a federal government who many observe as an institution dissolving at its foundation.

A Greater Vengeance is available now in paperback, ebook and hardback though Amazon and selected book stores.

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