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First Friday Author Round Up - C.S. Brandon Moore, Leif Pedersen, Marie Galemore

  • The Book Cellar at Page & Palette 32 South Section Street Fairhope, AL, 36532 United States
The Swamp Kids: A Dog Named Cat by Leif Pedersen

The Swamp Kids are off on another fun-filled adventure in this newest book, A Dog Named Cat, the fourth book in The Adventures of The Swamp Kids series. Become part of their journey as the Kids travel to a nearby animal shelter in hopes of finding a new pet they can adopt and bring home. The story has an interesting twist and along the way, you'll learn an important and heartfelt life lesson that will stay with you for years to come. A great book for animal lovers everywhere!

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Adam Time's Immortal File (The Tale of Two Immortals) by C.S. Brandon Moore

Adam Time must sift through the world's myths and legends to convince the world it can handle an immortal. Everyone believes he is an all powerful wizard, a front he puts on. In his search he discovers telepathic twins, an angel, a demon, a dragon, and a shapeshifter. Soon after, he learns the political system he helped create is already being corrupted by the undead. Adam must unite the members in his file and stop the corruption before it's too late.

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God's Glorious Garden by Marie Galemore

God's Glorious Garden is a combination of loving this world we live in and wanting to help others learn to care for it. We are incredibly blessed by God to have been given this glorious earth, and we must learn to be responsible for keeping it in pristine condition

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Jordy Searcy
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Lynn Wilson