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Roger Bull, Karen Bull & Sal Perricone

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The Shadows of Nazareth by S.R. Perricone

About the Book:

In the weeks following the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina, thousands of runaways descended on ravaged New Orleans with the hopes of finding jobs to help rebuild one of America's most intriguing city—New Orleans. Young, naive, and ready for adventure, they unknowingly walked into the jaws of homicidal predators. When the storm-weary police discovered the naked and abused bodies of runaways, they called the FBI. In turn, the FBI requested their Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) from Quantico, Virginia. What revelations did the BSU uncover in their investigation? Who was involved? Why were these deviants pursuing these victims? When and where were these crazed characters performing their acts of atrocity? The task force needed to lure the degenerates from their lair. What did the agents do? Did the plan work..., and at what cost? In the midst of this ungodly investigation, there was more than physical evidence involved. Were there spirits? And, who is Father O'Malley? New Orleans, the city that care forgot. The Big Easy. Not for these victims. An old European state of mind in an American city with Napoleonic influences. The crusty but vivacious establishment driven by order and chaos. Where legality resides with corruption. This is New Orleans..., the unbridled example of life.

About the Author:

S.R. Perricone, for nearly forty years, served in most aspects of law enforcement. He was as a deputy sheriff, a police detective, an FBI agent and, for twenty-one years, a federal prosecutor. He was the Chief of the Organized Crime Strike Force. Before his retirement in 2012, Perricone served as the Senior Litigation Counsel for the U.S. Attorney's Office in New Orleans. He was an attorney for 35 years. During his career he specialized in public corruption and organized crime investigations and prosecutions. 

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Tenuem-The Thin Line by Roger Bull

TWO BOOKS IN ONE: Detective Sergeant August “Gus” De Noux proposes that priorities rule Life. People base their choices upon those orders of importance. He knows that Life presents him with his next choice. How will he decide? What will result from his choice? His detective partner, Dante Nuzzollilo, faces his next consideration, based upon Gus’ choice. Dante confronts the fork in the road. BOOK I Join Gus, Dante and their new partner, Detective Marianela Laconcha, in solving the Dapper Dan serial murder case. When you think that all is done, Life slams the next choice in your face. BOOK II Life throws a Crescent City wrench into the NOPD. Radical Islamic extremists strike The City That Care Forgot: The Big Easy. Spies, terrorists, moles mixed with ancient battles between religions, cultures. It’s a bloody conflict that the NOPD Homicide Task Force was ill-prepared to fight..., but, who’s stopping them? AUTHOR: Roger C. Bull is the author of several books: a collection of over fifty years of poetry, “Within the Heart and Soul;” a controversial legal thriller, “Legalized Crime;” an international spy thriller, “El Rey del Tiempo: It’s Not What You Think;” and a serial murder story set in the Irish Channel of New Orleans, “The Thin Line of Good and Evil.” Those precede "Within the Temples: Bloodletting." His eclectic life is a foundation of resources that he uses to craft his stories.

About the Author:

Roger C. Bull's experiences include studies in biology, chemistry, physics, criminology, psychology and sociology; a decade of law enforcement, most of those years in greater New Orleans; forty years of computer services; writing poetry since 1957, terrorist novels since 2007, a legal novel in 2012, a terrorist/spy thriller in 2013, and a serial murder mystery in 2014. And, now, he has added a second episode of the series, "The Thin Line of Good and Evil." It is a terrorist novel about Islamic radicals committing jihad in New Orleans.

Roger and his beautiful wife, Karen Bonvillain Bull, have two sons, Mat and Paul. (Sorry ladies. They're both married to intelligent, beautiful ladies, Michelle and Camille.) Roger and Karen share a FaceBook page:

He is the founder of the FaceBook group, Metro New Orleans Law Enforcement Officers (Metro NO LEOs)

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Crescent City Crime: The Trilogy by Karen Bonvillain Bull

Reworked. Re-edited. Moving. Flowing. Like the river that bends around this old city, I flow with the changes in my stories to make them new again.
An old fashioned city with distinctly old cultures, a gumbo of Spanish, French, English, Creole, Irish, and other international influences, that is New Orleans. For all of her charm, architecture, art, music, culinary tastes, she is a lady filled with humanity... Human beings with choices..., to do good or evil.
Climb the clef notes and fly... or fall.
Eat to your heart's delight... or crawl under a bridge and try to survive.
Paint yourself into the world's museums... or into a corner with no escape.
Build a new world..., or collapse with the ruin of the derelicts.
The Big Easy is..., or it will be the crescent around your neck, dragging you under the eddies of the mighty Mississippi.
There are unmistakable charms and characters in this city. New Orleaneans have no match. Se la vie, cher! (That's life, precious!)
Karen Bonvillain Bull, author of three murder mysteries: "Who Is Benny Looter?," "La Soulier Rouge / The Red Shoe," and "Keys, Clef and Redemption, and a bonus short story, "Good Night My Angel." Stories tied by characters with bonds to a city like no other. New Orleans.

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