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Meet the Staff: Shannon Smits!

Shannon Smits

Meet the Staff: Shannon Smits

What is your favorite drink and why will others love it too?

My favorite drink is the Turtle Mocha Ice Rage! It's perfect for these hot days that I am walking between college campus and work or running errands. I like to make mine guilt-free, so I twist my recipe around a bit. It has sugar free mocha mix, almond milk, sugar free caramel, and sugar free hazelnut. And for those days when I'm dragging a bit, I like to add a shot of espresso or cold brew!

What is your favorite part about working at Page & Palette?

To paint a picture of why I love working at Page & Palette; this morning I woke up and came to work about 9:00am. As I turned the corner at De La Mare Street to park the car, a group of our locals were sitting out on Latte Da's corner at their usual table. It was such a wonderful & inviting sight to see, they were laughing and enjoying their coffee. After I had parked, I walked up the sidewalk to be greeted by other locals on their way in too. As I opened the door for them, the sound of the joyous noise of people talking followed. (Not to mention the enticing aroma of fresh coffee & baked cookies) After saying good morning to our brilliant coffee shop girls Sarah and Shelby, I poured my coffee and headed back to my office. I also love seeing my mother's face as I enter the bookstore. She is usually laughing with staff and customers. I love working here not only because I enjoy the creative side of my job, but also the atmosphere & personalities of Page and Palette. I have had great opportunities here, support, love, and friendships. At the end of this year, I will have worked at Page and Palette for 5 years.
What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I love being active. And now that we are going into the cooler months of the year this opens up many more options! I am a sucker for beach days and a dip in the salt water. I also always love a good weekend of camping, hiking trails, paddle boarding, biking, and more! I also picked up a new sport called Kitesurfing about four years ago. I belong to a great group that surfs just about every time the flag is pegging! You might see our kites flying at Fairhope Pier, Bayfront Park in Daphne, or Dauphin Island. It just depends on the wind direction!